Legal-disclaimer. Terms of access and use for

The following terms of use regulate the access and use of the website, which the company BASQUE SMART COUNTRY S.L. puts to the customers disposal on the internet.

1.-Terms of use.

This website belongs to Basque Smart Country S.L. (hereafter called BASQUESMART), company registered in the Registry of Companies of Biscay, Volume 5827, Book 0, Sheet 170, Page BI-72763, Inscription 1, legally registered in Basaras 7, Larrabetzu – Biscay – Basque Country and CIF code B95944435

The trading name or business name under which this company trades is Non Nahi Lo, Travel Agency with license code CIE2473.

Prices included on our website are final prices, that is, they include all taxes and duties, and because of that you will not have to pay any other additional fee or charge, except in those cases in which local taxes, like the already widespread tourist tax, are applied, and obviouly those charges stemmed from other not contracted services.

2.-Terms about the intellectual property.

The contents included on those pages are an exclusive property of BASQUESMART, although a large part of the graphical contents (pictures and some texts) have been directly provided by service suppliers (bedbanks, hotels and other leisure services), and to that extent, it shall be responsability of these companies to provide third parties with the authorisation to use these contents.

The rest of the contents (design, structure and architecture of the website, as well as everything related to the sale and after-sale proccesses, are an original idea of BASQUESMART, with all the rights protected.

This website has been created by using free software.

3.-Access and use of the website

The user who enters this website to get information and contract the offered services, declares to be of legal age and have the legal capacity to do so according to general conditions laid down hereinafter, which the user declares to understand and explicitly accept.

In the case that a service is contracted by an underage person, BASQUESMART will not be, in any case, responsible for the consequences resulting from the contracted services, assuming full responsability the minors, their parents or legal custodians, for the potential expenses it could cause.

3.1.-Access to the website.

Our website supports the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozzila Firefox, Internet Explorer 10, 11 and Edge and Safari. BASQUESMART does not take responsability for the results obtained by using other browsers.

Users that will access website by using devices with small screen sizes (smartphones, tablets or small-format laptops), declare to have previously accessed to the website by using any of the browsers mentioned in the preceding paragraph to consult the using conditions of the website and all the advises put to the customers disposal, without any restriction because of the characteristics of the device with which the reservation is being made.

Users will have free access to the website or, if they wish so, they will be able to register, for which they will enter an email and password chosen by them. Once registered, they will have access to their profile and be able to consult overdue reservations, the current ones, as well as to consult or modify the available information in order to streamline and facilitate next reservations.

Users shall ensure that the generated password is not used by unauthorised third parties. If such a case should arise, by reasons attributable to the users, BASQUESMART will not assume any responsability derived from the fraudulent or inappropriate use of the website.

By means of the assumption of the contents recorded on this legal-disclaimer, the user declares that all the information provided when registering and formalising the consequent reservation of services, is true and complete, making at the same time the commitment to keeping it up to date in subsequent uses, which they could make on our website.

3.2.-Responsability about the contents.

The contents offered through, constitute a hybrid whole (combination) of backgrounds and suppliers. There are some products directly provided by services producers and there are others received from tourist intermediaries (bedbanks and other hosting and tourist services providers), all of them of recognized standing.

In that sense, BASQUESMART, acting as travel agency, company which in turn acts as a broker in the tourist markets, has limited itself exclusively to introduce these offers, provided by those producers and intermediaries, on its website, operating, all the time, as a services offeror company on behalf of third parties. Consequently, it could not under no circumstances be understood that BASQUESMART is directly offering accommodation, tickets for events, tours and excursions or any other kind of services, except in the case in which it is specifically stated among all the products offered on the website.

4.-Purchase process

The purchase of products/services through means the acceptance by the users of these terms of use, also the acceptance of the particular conditions of use to be applied to the product/service to hire, and those conditions impossed by the product/service providers.

By reading this legal-disclaimer and those of any of the offered services, users agree to accept and respect the purchase terms and conditions to be established by that provider with who the reservation is formalised. Such conditions may include the payment of any due amount and the compliance of any rule and restriction about the availability of tarifs, products or services.

The reservation may be done in BASQUE, ENGLISH or SPANISH languages. The most of the fields are free and as a consequence, it does not count with means to identify and corrects mistakes when introducing the data; therefore, it will be under the user responsability any mistake done when introducing this data.

The document proving the purchase, which eventually constitutes a contractual validating document, will be sent to the user by email. This email will provide you with information about all the booked products and/or services, locator number, all the information on the payment media, cancellation policy and other useful informations. Likewise, the document will be stored by BASQUESMART and the users will be able to access the document, at any time, through the link contained on the website named as “My account”, placed at the upper right part of the homepage, by introducing their email and password.

The purchase of any product will only be efective in the moment when the total bill is debited to the customerĀ“s account, in an effective way according to the selected payment mode, being the reservation up to this moment liable to cancellation on the part of BASQUESMART.

The accepted payment means are:

Payment with credit or debit cards.

The fact of requesting a reservation implies the commitment on the part of the customer of being charged for the whole price of the product, package holiday or service to adquire

The users accept they will make contact with BASQUESMART through its customers service ( in the case of having any complaint, before doing any action with regard to their bank and before starting any legal actions.

The final aim of this clause is not to hamper your right to bring legal proceedings before a court or any other institution competent for the conflict resolution. On the contrary, we want offer you a faster and profitable way to resolve the caused problem, a way which will make both parts safe time and money.

The present conditions gathered in this legal-disclaimer will be subject to the Spanish legislation. To resolve any type of dispute born as a result of any interpretation of the present rules will be competent the court of Bilbao except those cases in which, according to Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 november, which served to approve the consolidated text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, the counterparty had the condition of consumer or user; in those cases will be competent the closest court to the consumers` residence.