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Grab Your Pintxo

2,5-3 hours

Donostia-San Sebastián

Price from 73€


Operating days: T, W, Th, F, S, Su

Grab your pintxo

Forget museums, textbooks, and culture lessons, one of the best ways to understand Basque culture is through its food. Join this San Sebastián tour to taste (and drink) your way through the Basque territories with a local guide and learn the most important facts about our culture and history.

Journey through San Sebastián with a local guide on this “Grab your pintxo” tour and learn all about the identity of the Basque Country through its delicious flavors, experiencing the city first-hand.

Our “Grab your pintxo” tour starts with a wander through the Old Town, absorbing the atmosphere and learning the need-to-know about the culture and history of the city. It’s imperative that you know the background of what you’re about to experience; for instance, do you know what a sagardotegi or sociedad gastronomica is? Don´t worry, your local guide will tell you all you need to know, and more!

Once you become a master of Basque culture, it’s only appropriate that we dive right in and immerse you in the culture of bars, socialising, and pintxos! We take you out of the Old Town to the bars where locals not only enjoy their pintxos, but also relax and meet with friends. Taste some of the most important flavours of Basque cuisine (including some dishes prepared by pintxo competition winners!), as well as local wines. The pintxos we present to you are the best reflection of modern Basque gastronomy: They preserve the heritage of tastes and flavours of Basque cuisine while the presentation is like a modern piece of art (tasty, tasty art…).

You finish this “Grab your pintxo” tour full of knowledge with a taste of delicious pintxos. And always remember: Pintxos are not only something that you eat, but the culture of eating them is also a way of socialising and a way of life for the locals – so dig in! You´ll end up delighted with this “Grab your pintxo” tour.

Operating day: T, W, Th, F, S, Su

Scheduled starting time: 18:30

Starting point: Under the arches of the gate near the Kaimingaintxo Plaza at the Marina. The gate is located at the junction of Mollaerdia, Puertu and Mari streets

Ending point: You are free to continue exploring on your own or your guide can provide information on how to get back to your hotel.

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