About us

About us. We are specialized in the Basque Country

Non-nahi lo, Basque term which literal translation is “Sleep wherever you want” or “Sleep anywhere”, is a reservation center that gathers all kind of acommodations in the Basque Country area.

We specialise in the Basque Country because we are from here and we know suits the best your needs and your pocket. Ask about us

Because we care about you and want be considered by you as “your Basque friends”, we are always looking for the best prices to offer you and the best locations to maximize always your time, enabling this way you will be able to get the most of your stay at the Basque Country.

We offer accommodations in the whole Basque Country and are always looking for new options to provide you with. The tourist markets are changing and also their needs, and that is why, booking online at the www.nonnahilo.com website you will be always at the forefront.

Together with our lodgings, we will also offer you a set of activities you will be able to do while your holidays or, why not, becoming it the main reason of your visit. The aim of this offer will be to help you to know something else about our most iconic spots and our millenary culture.

Finally, if you wish so, we will be able to organize a travel group whatever the reason for your journey to us is, whether it is for business, cultural and sport activities, follow your favourite music band or learn something else about our gastronomy, while you taste our most international dishes.

Whatever it is the reason that will unite us, we will be delighted to work for you and your family. Here we will be for whatever you may need.

Non Nahi Lo – Travel Agency
License Code: CIE2473